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Why wouldn't there be a travel company exclusively for solo travellers?

Traditionally, solo travellers have only had the option of joining tours often dominated by couples travelling together.   These days, solo travel is an increasing trend and we are here to exclusively cater for the solo traveller . 

Since 2006, we have been creating holiday groups for solo travellers. In fact, that's all we do.  We are a travel company 100% dedicated to solo travellers.

We are Australian owned and operated and since starting out in 2006, every year we are thrilled to introduce more holidays and more options for solo travellers. 

We say that we are for the 'solo traveller that likes to share their journey'. Sure, there's those among us that are avid solo travellers in the true sense of the word;  prepared to take off on solitary adventures to the farthest places of the continent. But, for many the idea of planning and heading off on such a solitary trip may not be such an appealing option. This is where we step in.  We create the group and the rest is just choose which trip takes your fancy.

Solo traveller group experiences have so many advantages:

  • share your holiday with other likeminded soloists
  • feel secure in the fact that you have the group support
  • revel in the social dynamics of group holidays
  • without doubt, make new friends, that often last well past the end date of your holiday
  • no need to wait until you find a friend that agrees to travel with you; with scheduled group departures you have an instant group of new travel buddies waiting
  • our group leaders take care of the detail; you can focus on enjoying yourself

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more insight into our solo traveller group holidays.

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First Timers

First time to join a solo travel group? For a lot of our travellers it's their first time. You'll find our groups friendly and sociable.

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Sydney MeetUp Group. Join Us.

We have a Meet Up group for Sydney Solo Travellers. Held in the evenings, usually drinks and dinner, Sydney city location.

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Encounter Travel
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Encounter Travel provides holidays for solo travellers. Since 2006 we've been creating tour, cruise and resort packages for solo travellers that like to share their travel experiences. Visiting destinations across Australia and around the globe our holidays include short tropical escapes, leisurely touring, cruises and active walking trips.   

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