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Singles Holidays Over 50's

Where 50 somethings fit in

Where 50 somethings fit in

  • Find holidays with lots of other 50 somethings
  • Opt for a roommate and save with twin share room rates
  • Travel with other single-solo travellers
  • From tours to cruises and resort packages, there's something for every travel style
  • Book early and SAVE with many of our early bird savings


For singles in their 50's it may raise a question if there's a travel group for them where they are not too old and not too young.  Sometimes we get asked by someone in their 50's or 60's if they are too old to join our groups.

All of our trips are for solo travellers and the overwhelming majority of our groups are only for the single or solo traveller.

Welcome to a holiday group where you will 'fit right in'

Whether it's leisure or cruise tours or otherwise something that keeps you on the go each day, like a walking tour, you will find a range of trip styles and destinations with us, in Australia and across the globe. 

Group Leaders
For all our international tours, we include a group leader. This is local guide from the destination and the join the tour for the duration of the trip.  In some cases, for very small groups, you may have different local guides at each destination.

For our resort and cruise packages we include a group co-ordinator from Encounter Travel. They host the group and coordinate the group dining and activity arrangements.

When it's as small group walking tour we include ab experienced outdoor walking guide or in some cases two guides with the group.

Free Time or Group Time?
The answer is both. On all of our trips there are planned group activities and there’s always down time, creating freedom to make your own discoveries. One point to mention is that on our walking trips that often you are in more remote areas so mostly it’s a group experience. However, there’s also free time through the day and at end of each day when you aren’t walking and you can take time out for yourself. 

More Than Just a Holiday
The big plus for all our trips is that they are more than just holiday. They are also opportunities to forge new friendships and make the most of all the socials aspects of group travel.

On all our trips you enjoy plenty of group meals. As a solo traveller, it’s a lot more fun to share a meal together and revel in the days’ highlights.

Sitting On The Fence?
If you haven't quite made up your mind about the idea of a singles’ holiday, just call us. We can answer your questions and give you more insight into our trips or any particular holiday you are considering.

Speak to one of our travel consultants, Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm AEST
T: 1300 653 692.  Visit our List of Holidays and find your next adventure.

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Take advantage of great savings when you choose to share a room. Our roommate matching option means you can take advantage of the twin share room rate.

Age-matched holidays

All our trips are age-matched so it's more likely you will travel with other like-minded single travellers. Popular age groups include 40 to 59 years and 45 years & over.

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Encounter Travel provides holidays for solo travellers. Since 2006 we've been creating tour, cruise and resort packages for solo travellers that like to share their travel experiences. Visiting destinations across Australia and around the globe our holidays include short tropical escapes, leisurely touring, cruises and active walking trips.   

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