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How are roommates matched

  • All roommate matches are the same gender
  • We aim to match you with another traveller close to your age (but of course can't guarantee this)
  • We offer matches in the order that travellers confirmed their place on the holiday. That is, if you are the first person to confirm your booking for a holiday (with a deposit) you are the first in the queue for a roommate match
  • Roommate matching is at our discretion and there is not the option for traveller special requests. 
  • We make no guarantee of the age or age range of the other person that you are matched with, although we do our best if possible to match you with another traveller in an age group close to you (for example, within 10 years of your age). 
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of age, physical attributes or personality.
  • Roommate matching is subject to availability

Is Roommate Matching Guaranteed ?

In most cases, we are able to offer a roommate. However, we cannot guarantee a roommate will be available. If a roommate is not available we will let you know at the time we are finalising the group, and will advise you of your options.

The options vary and it depends on the holiday.

Reduced Single Supplement
For the majority of holidays, if we cannot provide you with a roommate we will offer you a single room at a reduced rate. We call this a 'Reduced Single Supplement'. As such, we are subsidising the cost of the single room to reduce the burden of the additional cost for the single room.  However, if you decide not to accept the offer of the Reduced Single Supplement, in most instances you have the right to a full refund of any monies paid for your land arrangements (see terms that apply to each holiday for details).

The conditions for our roommate matching service will be provided with your holiday quote or contact us for further information.

What if I don't get along with my roommate

In most cases, roommates get along well or as a minimum, respect one another's differences. We've had reports of roommates striking up lasting friendships and even booking their next holiday together with us.

However, if you make a booking for a roommate match you must be aware that there is the very slight possibility that you may not get along. Over the many years we've been in operation there's only been a very small number of occasions where room mates could not get along. If this situation arises there may be the option for you both to go your separate ways and take a single room, however a cost will apply. This is because hotels will charge us for the additional room required, in order that two people sharing one room would instead be requesting to use two rooms. Unfortunately, this additional cost is unavoidable and subject to availability at each hotel we use for the tour. If a change is possible your tour leader will liaise with you about this option and additional costs will be payable directly to your tour operator or the hotel.

Roommate Introductions before you travel.

We introduce you to your roommate before the holiday. The introduction is made by email. We send you the name of your roommate and their email address, before departure.

When do you introduce roommates?

  • International trips - about 3-4 weeks prior to departure
  • Resort & Cruise holidays - about 3-4 weeks prior to departure
  • Trips in Australia - about 2 weeks prior to departure


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Take advantage of great savings when you choose to share a room. Our roommate matching option means you can take advantage of the twin share room rate.

Age-matched holidays

All our trips are age-matched so it's more likely you will travel with other like-minded single travellers. Popular age groups include 40 to 59 years and 45 years & over.


Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'My holiday to the Red Centre was a very humbling experience.  This holiday exceeded all my expectations.  Being my first holiday as a solo traveller I was apprehensive, now I have had the experience I recommend it.'</p>
Sue, 51
Kyogle, NSW
Discover Greece & The Islands

May 2017

<p>'My holiday to Greece exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much about the amazing ancient history of Greece, and it was as beautiful as I had imagined.There were a great mix of couples and singles on the tour and we all got on so well.'</p>
Kerrie, 52
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'This was my first travelling solo experience, Justine &amp; the team at Encounter made it so easy. I don't have doubts about recommending this to anyone.'</p>
Gwen, 56
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'My second Encounter tour, and the common thread is that you're with a group of people, of a similar age, who are all looking to enjoy their holiday. Makes for a good dynamic.'</p>
Mark, 55
Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'This trip was such a great adventure. The tour guide was absolutely brilliant and informative. The whole group got along famously even though there was a large age range! It was certainly one of the best experiences I've ever had!'</p>
Lisa, 45
Coolum Beach, QLD
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'Great holiday with a lovely group of people in a fantastic resort!!'</p>
Gail, 44
Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'Fantastic, well organised tour with a great group of people. Highly recommend Encounter Travel.'</p>
Deb, 55
Wamberal, NSW
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'I was a bit nervous about doing this, having never travelled solo, but I'm so pleased I went! The Bali escape was outstanding, so well organised, wonderful location and a really lovely group of people. I'm definitely going to be booking an Encounter holiday again. '</p>
Susan, 48
Auckland, New Zealand
Moscow to Prague

May 2017

<p>'Not only was my holiday great value for money, it was well organised and thoroughly enjoyable.  A lovely group of fellow travellers made it an experience I will treasure forever.'</p>
Michelle, 53
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'Thoroughly enjoyable experience! Exactly what I needed!!'</p>
Andrea, 43

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