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Fiji Resort Escape 2017

Solo Travellers 45 years & over
Sunday 15 October - Saturday 21 October 2017

Other Notes

This page contains the details about the trip not already explained on other pages.

If this trip seems right for you then we encourage you to book early and secure your place with a deposit.  Space is limited. To ensure your place, please check availability at your earliest convenience. 

You will enjoy this group experience with a maximum estimated group size of 38 travellers.

This resort package is exclusively for solo or single travellers.  Should the demand for this resort package exceed 38 people we may increase the maximum group size should resort availability be an option.

As a guide our resort packages have had group sizes from 16 to 45 people.

We expect this group will be between 25 to 32 people as a guide. Each trip is different and we can’t guarantee the group size, nor the mix of gender that join the trip.

THE PACE  [1 out of 5]
The itinerary for this package is leisurely. There are many options to add in activities including sporting activities like golf to your stay for an additional cost that can be arranged directly with the resort.  

The gym at The Westin offers complimentary use, there is also a lap pool.

Any request for special room arrangements such as a disabled room cannot be guaranteed and is on a request basis only.

Arrival and departure transfers are arranged as part of your group package given that you are transferring between The Westin Denarau Resort Spa and you have arranged all your nights of stay with us as part of your package.

There is a sailing/cruise day out on the water and it includes an island stop.

Porterage of your main luggage is included at the hotel on arrival and departure. 

The local currency is the Fijian Dollar.  At the time this information was published,
1 Australian dollar will exchange to about 1.50 Fijian dollars.

It’s regular that our trips included welcome dinners and farewell dinners for our groups. In addition, we include other group dining experiences to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefit of travelling and dining as a group.  There’s nothing better than to share a meal with new friends and discuss the day’s adventures.

Special Diets 

As a standard, Encounter Travel limit special dietary requests to Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant and Diabetic. Additional intolerances to those fore-mentioned, are the responsibility of the traveller. For any additional special diet requests you must seek our advice and consultation.

  • We make special dietary requests on behalf of our travellers to our ground operators, cruise operators, and/or any third party that operate components of The Holiday where meals or snacks are provided as part of The Holiday inclusions. We cannot guarantee that all or any of the third parties will meet the request in part or full. 
  • We can offer guidance on each of The Holidays as to the suitability of The Holiday for you in relation to your special diet request.
  • Requests made after booking your holiday that cannot be met will not entitle you to any refund of monies paid. Any lacking or failure from any of our operators to cater for your special diet does not give claim to any compensation whatsoever. 

Other notes about special dietary requirements: 

  • Please also be mindful that many hotels, restaurants and cruise ships may not provide gluten free cereal, bread, pasta, pizza, cake and/or dessert. 
  • Special diet requests may limit the number of choices or variety for meals.

  • For airlines, please seek further advice at the time of booking. Please take note that a request for a vegetarian meal on a flight is provided as a vegan meal.

  • We recommend travellers with special dietary requirements consider their options to supplement meals and snacks in their holiday destination before deciding to travel. In some countries it is not uncommon that restaurants and food outlets pay less or no attention to special dietary requirements in comparison to what we may be accustomed to in Australia or other home countries.

Helpful Websites for Special Diet Translation cards:

In addition to your package inclusions you will have some personal expenses including meals, snacks and drinks not included with the package plus consider souvenirs and miscellaneous expenses such as laundry.  

When setting a budget for personal expenses consider what meals are included and not included. This itinerary has a full buffet (cold & hot) breakfast each day and five quality dinners, also lunch is included with our sailing day out. Therefore a significant part of your dining costs are covered in the package.

Therefore, you should consider a budget for 1 additional dinner and all but the one included lunch, plus any snacks and drinks.  For a light lunch consider 25-30AUD per meal if dining in house at the resort.

Also, there are convenience stores nearby to purchase your own snacks and drinks for in room dining. The convenience store prices represent a good saving over resort prices for snacks and drinks. 

Visit our Travel Guide page on our website for destination information. 

As a guide only. Please make your own checks prior to travel

Free import
The following items can be imported tax free into the country by any travellers aged 17 or over.

  • 250 cigarettes
  • 250g cigars
  • 250g tobacco
  • Combination of above items that does not exceed 250g
  • 225litres of liquor
  • 4.5 litres of wine
  • 4.5 litres of beer
  • Items of clothing, toiletries, personal computers and other personnel effects are also free to import. Travellers may import other personal goods providing the total value does not exceed FJ$400.


• ALL species of bird 


  • All weapons including firearms, knives, swords and explosives will require a police permit before being allowed entry.
  • Food, Plants or plant parts, camping equipment and biological specimens will all require a special permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Fisheries before entering the country. The import of meat and dairy products is not currently permitted from Tasmania.
  • Cats, Dogs and other domestic pets can only be directly imported by air into the country from Australia, Hawaii or New Zealand. Travellers wishing to imports pets into Fiji will need to send their pets to one of these countries and satisfying those countries customs requirements before exporting it to Fiji from there. Travellers will also be required to fill out an “APPLICATION TO IMPORT LIVE ANIMALS INTO FIJI” form from the office of the Director of Animal Health and Production along with proof of Rabies vaccination before being allowed admittance into the country.


Email and SMS are the most convenient ways to stay in touch with family and friends while you are away. In most destinations and certainly in major cities you can expect access to internet services and also local telecommunication companies for SMS.

Be sure to have an email account that you can access from any internet service while travelling such as a gmail, hotmail or an icloud email address.

To be able to send SMS messages while away you need to check with your mobile phone provider that international roaming services are turned on.  You need to check with your provider the cost for sending and/or receiving SMS while you are outside of your home destination as usually this service is not included in mobile plan packages.  

Important Note: making and receiving telephone calls are usually very expensive and we don’t recommend you use your mobile phone for either.  Our tip – create a voicemail message that let’s callers know you will not bet taking calls but for urgent messages they can send you a text.  Just remember to re-record your voicemail when you return home.

The following is a code of conduct that must be observed by all participants/travellers:

Important Note: making and receiving telephone calls are usually very expensive and we don’t recommend you use your mobile phone for either.  Our tip – create a voicemail message that let’s callers know you will not bet taking calls but for urgent messages they can send you a text.  Just remember to record your voicemail when you return home.

  1. We require that all participants observe responsible consumption of alcohol and obey all local, state or country laws pertaining to the consumption of alcohol.
  2. Use or possession of any illegal drugs will be cause for immediate expulsion for the group. This includes marijuana and opium even if this is considered acceptable in the destination.
  3. We require all participants to obey all laws of the country.
  4. Participants are to respect the privacy of other participants and if a participant declines to provide any contact information requested by another participant, that this wish is respected.
  5. Participants understand that if they receive contact information from another participant of the group event that this is solely for their reference and is not to be provided to other participants of the event group without the express permission of the participant whose information it is.
  6. Participants are to refrain from offensive language or behaviour including sexist and racist remarks.
  7. Participants are to be courteous to other participants and respect differences of one another.
  8. Participants understand that should other participants provide personal contact information that this information is not to be used for unsolicited email or correspondence for the purpose of business exchanges or transactions unless with the express prior permission of participants.

Any behaviour contrary to the Code of Conduct may result in your removal from The Holiday.


  • Travel insurance is a compulsory pre-requisite to join any of our holidays, unless the trip value is below $1000 per person.
  • We urge every traveller to take out travel insurance immediately after making a deposit for any holiday.
  • Please send your travel insurance policy details to us before or no later than the time you pay your final monies.  You must send us your insurer’s name, telephone number in Australia, emergency contact number for calls outside of Australia and the policy number.
  • We urge you to carefully read any travel insurance policy level of cover/inclusions.  All policies must include cover for medical expenses and sufficient cover for repatriation to your home country in the event of accident or illness.  In addition, we urge you to take out a policy that includes cover for cancellation, curtailment, loss of luggage and personal effects and that the policy has a high level of cover for personal liability.


About Credit Card Travel Insurance
You may have travel insurance included with your credit card.  

Before you travel:

  • Contact your bank to request the details of their insurer
  • Find out the level of cover included with your credit card insurance policy
  • Obtain the contact information for the insurer that you would need in an event of an emergency
  • Be sure to determine the credit card provider requirements that qualify you for cover.  Example: a minimum purchase value on the card for your holiday expenses
  • If travelling within Australia, check your policy covers you for domestic travel

We have taken great care to prepare and publish the trip information and in good faith we believe it to be accurate.  However as is the nature of travel, plans may need to change from time to time and often unexpectedly.  

If trip details need to change due to circumstances beyond our control in most cases your final documentation issued prior to your departure will be updated.  However, it’s also possible that you may encounter itinerary changes while on holiday. It could be related to unexpected weather or road conditions or another example could be the unannounced closure of a facility such as a restaurant we planned to use. In these cases our ground operator for the holiday will make all best endeavours to provide an alternative of equivalent or similar standard.

At other times although not commonly, we may make itinerary changes after publishing the trip details on the website. This is usually directly related to enhancing the experience as a result of past traveller comments and from our own discoveries. 

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