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Nepal Annapurna Trek with Chitwan Safari 2018

Solo Travellers 40 Years & Over
Sunday 7 - Friday 19 October 2018 (ex. Kathmandu)



Hotels Used




Radisson Hotel – arrival


4 star


Private Eco Campsites

On Trek



Da Yatra Hotel


4 star


Center Park Resort

Chitwan National Park

Budget Lodging


Radisson Hotel – departure


4 star






Hotels are subject to change, due to circumstances outside of our control. Should this occur, a hotel of a similar standard will be provided. 

In Kathmandu we stay at the comfortable, well located Radisson Hotel. The Radisson Hotel is situated in Lazimpat, a quiet and central area of Kathmandu. Only a short 12 minute walk to the main tourist district of Thamel. The hotel has a World Expeditions tour desk in the foyer, free WIFI, a pool and bar, restaurants, room service, currency exchange and free luggage storage whilst you are on trip. 

A hearty buffet breakfast is included with every night stay in the Radisson. The Tranquility Spa, within the Radisson offers massage, reflexology, steam room and sauna, plus many beauty treatments for your enjoyment ‑ as a World Expeditions client you will receive a 30% discount off the retail prices on any treatment at the Spa. You can book these services through the Radisson while you are in Nepal.

DA YATRA, Pokhara
A “Neoclassical Luxury Hotel” in the helm of the tourist hub of Pokhara .69 Kms from lake Fewa. The hotel offers an assortment of 46 rooms with satori evoking views of the Himalayas and lake from lake-view rooms and the terrace. Enjoy gourmet food prepared by our chef and kitchen team served by amicable wait-staff. 

The Annapurna region is an extremely popular area for trekking in the Himalaya, leading to many pressures on the local environment and people. Over time, villages in the area have grown with many lodges and restaurants opening. World Expeditions have observed many companies change over from camping to lodge/ tea house trekking with these developments. These accommodations are reliant on wood from the region for heating, cooking and to generate warm showers. Some have solar technologies which are crude and not consistently functional as they rely on fine weather conditions. World Expeditions has always argued that lodge/tea house trekking is therefore a drain on a natural resource which is becoming increasingly scarce. World Expeditions have a choice to avoid consciously contributing to this problem which is now termed as a deforestation crisis. 

The private permanent campsites provide innumerable benefits.  

  • Firstly, we are able to continue our philosophy of offering camping treks which is the most sustainable type of trekking, whilst offering a greater level of comfort as a result of the construction of a permanent dining room structure which will replace the traditional mess tent.
  • Meals will be taken in the dining rooms, and at the end of the trekking day, you may relax with cushioned seating and a pot belly stove that is fueled by yak dung and not wood, to warm the room.
  • There are no smoke emissions in the room as the chimney carries it outside.
  • An ablution block comprising of several toilets with composting western sit toilets and hand basins are also installed in the camps.
  • The World Expedition camps create an atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity and come with fine views of the mountains; a place where our travellers and staff come together, and where camaraderie and friendships are formed.  This is known to be a highlight of the World Expedition camping treks and consistently receive feedback that overwhelmingly supports this.
  • Finally, World Expedition camping treks employ many local people ‑ a workforce of up to 25% more than a lodge trek provides.

Symbolized like a beauteous splendorous fine artwork of nature, Center Park Resort presents itself as an elegant Resort in Chitwan. Located in the lap of green landscapes of the Terai and blessed with dense tropical forest of Chitwan National Park, it gives heavenly pleasure to its guests as well as its visitors.

Dedicated to serving its guests with deluxe and suite rooms make its one of the most luxurious and breathtaking resorts. Serving with prominent and pleasant amenities, the resort provides the real feel "taste of JUNGLE".


Hotel descriptions are taken from the hotel website and edited to suit our page. 

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