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Nepal Annapurna Trek with Chitwan Safari 2018

Solo Travellers 40 Years & Over
Sunday 7 - Friday 19 October 2018 (ex. Kathmandu)

What to Expect

Trekking season extends from mid‑September to May. From early September the monsoonal rains decrease. By mid‑October through to December the weather is usually stable with mild to warm days, cold nights and clear views. Daytime temperatures can reach 25 degrees celsius at low altitude and nights can drop to below ‑5 degrees celsius at higher altitudes.

Weather in the Himalayas can be unpredictable at any time of year. It is essential to be prepared for all conditions as freak storms and unseasonal temperatures can occur.

The post-monsoon period (September to December)
The post‑monsoon period ‑ From early September the monsoon rain starts to decrease.

By mid‑October through to mid‑December the weather is usually stable with mild to warm days, cold nights and clear views. Daytime temperatures can reach 25 ‑ 30 degrees Celsius at lower altitudes and decrease as you gain height.

Over 3000 meters the daytime temperatures can vary as much as 10 to 20 degrees celsius, and may be hotter or colder, depending on whether it is sunny or windy etc.

At night at lower altitudes, temperatures do not normally drop much, although as you approach November it does get colder and the days shorter. Up high it can drop sharply at night, from 0 to minus 10 or 15 and more when camped on the ice or snow. 

You will be provided with the use of a World Expeditions trek pack which includes

  • a duffle bag
  • quality sleeping bag
  • down or fibre fill jacket and insulated mat (valued at over US$500).

Further, porters are provided with clothing and boots suitable for the conditions.

You will be woken with a cup of tea brought to your tent around 6:30am, followed by a small bowl of warm water for washing. Before breakfast you pack your gear into your kit bag which is then taken by the pack‑animals or porters and will not be available to you until you reach camp that afternoon. After a wholesome breakfast we are usually on the trail between 7.30 – 8am, depending upon the duration and nature of the day’s walk.

We will walk for around 3‑4 hours and then generally break for lunch for about 1 hour. Some of our staff will walk ahead and select a suitable place to stop. The afternoon walk is generally a little shorter and camp is usually reached by around 3.30 ‑ 4.30 pm. Once we have reached camp and the kitchen is set up, afternoon tea will be prepared. From then until dinner there is time to rest or explore the surrounding area.

Dinner is usually served between 6‑7 pm. Remember to bring your headlamp and your water bottles to the dining tent so they can be filled with boiling water.

Trekking evenings afford some of the best memories of your trek, whether it is talking, playing cards, chatting with the crew or joining in some singing and dancing with the local people. Much of the enjoyment of an expedition is in the journey itself.

In your daypack you will need to carry extra warm clothing (depending on the altitude, location and weather), a rain jacket, water bottle, camera gear, valuables and personal items such as sunscreen, lip‑eze etc. Porters carry all group gear and your trek pack.

The Flights to and from Pokhara are a spectacular journey and a highlight of any trip to Nepal.

Unlike the small mountain airstrips that use small aircraft and are often unreliable due to weather delays, this flight is from the major airport of Pokhara to the capital of Kathmandu. The many flights between these two cities use larger aircraft and have frequent schedules. The views of the Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang ranges are breathtaking.

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