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Paris to St Petersburg, Baltic Cruise & Tour

Solo Travellers 45 years & over
Monday 4 - Friday 22 June 2018 ex Paris

Other Notes

This page contains the details about the trip not already explained on other pages.

If this trip seems right for you then we encourage you to book early and secure your place with a deposit.  Tour space is limited. Also, many services on this tour must be booked well in advance. To ensure your place, please check trip availability at your earliest convenience.  

You will enjoy this small group experience with a maximum group size of 20 travellers. This tour is exclusively for single-solo travellers.

THE PACE  [2 out of 5]
On tour in Europe from Paris to Amsterdam is considered an easy to moderate pace with some free time included throughout your tour. There are some days that are faster-paced than others and some days of long distance driving are required.

While cruising, each evening group dinner is available in the main dining room. The shore excursions are at your leisure and option. The final two days in Amsterdam are leisurely.

A reasonable level of fitness as a minimum is recommended for joining this tour.  You should be able to walk for two kilometres on uneven ground and climb several flights of stairs.  

Travellers of 70 years or over will be required to return a Fit to Travel form that is completed by their doctor. 

It’s regular that our trips include welcome dinners and farewell dinners for our groups. In addition, we include other group dining experiences to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefit of travelling and dining as a group.  There’s nothing better than to share a meal with new friends and discuss the day’s adventures.

While cruising, all meals are included and group dining is set for our group in the main dining room on board the ship. 


On Tour, Paris to Amsterdam
For the touring, Paris to Amsterdam days 1-6 and days 18-19, this is a private group tour with a coach driver and English speaking, locally based tour director.  Your group tour director is there to assist with group arrangements and to act as the liaison for all tour services.  In addition, local guides are included for major sightseeing tours as detailed by the itinerary.

Cruising, 12 Night Baltic Cruise
While cruising, a group escort is not included. However group dining is arranged each evening.

When you disembark from your 12 night cruise in Amsterdam you are hosted by a locally based tour director for your final two days of your itinerary.

Touring is by a private air-conditioned coach and luxury cruise ship onboard Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas. 

While touring, each guest is permitted to travel with one bag, limit of 23kg as a maximum per bag.  

Internet in Europe these days is widely available and broadband services are now very commonplace, as well as being pretty fast. Mobile phone coverage is also widely available in most area’s.

Onboard the ship, guests can access the internet and emails during their cruise either via their own wireless devices or in the ships computer room (royalcaribbean online®) located by the Centrum on deck 4. Additional computer terminals can be found on decks 5 and 7.

Fees to access the internet are the same whether making use of the ships computers or personal wi-fi enabled devices and are as follows:

Basic rate of $0.75 per minute or guests can select a pre-paid package as listed:
$24.95 for 37 minutes ($0.66 per minute)
$49.95 for 89 minutes ($0.56 per minute)
$99.00 for 206 minutes ($0.48 per minute)
$199.55 for 554 minutes ($0.36 per minute)
$399.95 for 1599 minutes ($0.25 per minute)

All prices are subject to change without notice.  



France, Netherlands & Estonia
France, Netherlands & Estonia have the euro (€) as its sole currency
One euro is divided into 100 cents.
Major credit cards are also widely accepted. 

The unit of currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK, kr)
Notes are in denominations of kr1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50

Major credit cards are also widely accepted, including small value purchases. It’s common practice to use a credit card for small value purchases such as buying a cup of coffee.

The unit of currency in Sweden is the Krona (SEK, kr)
Notes are in denominations of kr1000, 500, 100, 50 and 20

Major credit cards are also widely accepted, including small value purchases. 

The unit of currency in Finland is the euro (EUR, €)
Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5
Major credit cards are also widely accepted, including small value purchases.

The unit of currency in Russia Is the ruble (рубль), which is divided into 100 kopeks (копеек).

  • 1 Ruble = 100 kopeks
  • Notes are in denominations of руб5000, 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 and 5
  • Coins are in denominations of руб10, 5, 2 and 1 and 50, 10, 5 and 1 kopeks

Major credit cards are also widely accepted, including small value purchases.

In addition to your tour inclusions you will have some personal expenses including meals, snacks and drinks not included with the tour package plus consider souvenirs and miscellaneous expenses such as laundry. 

When setting a budget for personal expenses consider what meals are included and not included. This itinerary has a breakfast each day and some dinners. Therefore either lunch or dinner each day would be an additional expense. We recommend around AUD80 per day for personal expenses not included with the tour package.  You should increase this budget if you like to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

For anyone that enjoys some shopping there will be opportunities to purchase local items and these costs could be a small amount to a lot, all depending on personal preferences for travel shopping.

You must hold a valid passport with a minimum of six 6 months validity from your return date to your home country.

No visa is required for Australian passport holders for this itinerary.

Note about entry to Russia:
Visas are usually required for entry to Russia however there is an exception.

If you are traveling to St. Petersburg for up to 72 hours on a cruise ship (on the condition that you are sleeping on the ship and are accompanied by an authorised tour guide) or on ferries from Helsinki and Tallinn with St. Peter Line, you do not need a visa.


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