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New Zealand Snow Adventure

New Zealand Snow Safari 2015

August - 2015

'NZ trip was a fantastic opportunity to join other solo travellers and enjoy beautiful scenery and wonderful snow and ski activities and make some new friends'

New Zealand Snow Adventure

Heidi, 37 years, Perth, Western Australia

New Zealand Snow Safari

August - 2015

'This was my first time joining a Solo Tour like this and I must say, I prefer this style of travelling as it encourages you to meet so many new people. I joined the tour because I wanted to go back to New Zealand to snowboard again. Second time around was amazing for me. We got to visit some resorts I had not been to before and my snowboarding has improved a lot in 5 years so I definitely enjoyed the runs much more this time around. I wasn't expecting to become such close friends so quickly with people on the tour and I felt very fortunate to have the room mate that I did because we hit it off right away. I loved the welcome dinner where we got to meet the whole gang! I'm an adrenalin junkie so I loved Queenstown and got to try some activities I had always wanted to do! The tour itself was so well organised so thank you to the staff at Encounter for organising it and also to Cam our guide for just being awesome! I would highly recommend Encounter to anyone and everyone!'

New Zealand Snow Adventure

Kylie, 36 years, Sydney, NSW

New Zealand Snow Adventure August 2016

August - 2016

'This holiday was wonderful. I met a group of great people and enjoyed new experiences with them. Even though we were strangers at the start, we became good friends very quickly and this type of holiday means that I can travel and see the world even if I don't have a travel partner. I highly recommend this type of holiday for those wanting to experience the world.'

New Zealand Snow Adventure

Alex 43 years, Rockhampton, QLD

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