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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the largest and longest falls in the world. It was made part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites along with two national parks beside it, namely Iguacu National Park in Brazil and Iguazu National Park in Argentina. This split into two national parks came about because the falls itself drops down between Brazil and Argentina. Though Argentina has most of the falls in its borders, Brazil still has its share of tourists wanting to view the magnificent falls. These falls are believed to have been created by the anger of the Gods and thus, is held sacred by the natives. Getting to this fantastic view is mostly done by plane with two airports to cater the arrival of visitors; one on either side of the border.

Rio de Janiero

Known as the former capital of Brazil, Rio de Janiero has stunning tourist attractions which attract religious and non religious tourists. One such attraction was Jesus’ statue on top of Mt. Corcovado. This city also has the famous Rio de Janiero Botanical Garden which houses thousands of species of plants. But if it is history that mostly attracts you then it is the Rio de Janiero National Museum that should be visited. It not only has various paintings to offer but also countless historical artifacts like coins and weapons that carry with them most of this city’s notable memories. Rio is undeniably the destination to travel for singles looking for a break from their usual routine.



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