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Canada is considered to be a melting pot of races due to their welcoming immigration policy over the years. It is no wonder why it is one of the most chosen destinations for single travellers from all over the world. This vast country is also frequented by travellers because of its innate beauty. From majestic mountain tops, lush kaleidoscopic forest, incredible shores and invigorating views of some of the most diverse species of flora and fauna. Not to mention, this country has seen a lot of history and the preservation efforts of the country officials have maintained the splendour and grandeur in its buildings and structures. In fact, the rich French influence is seen in most of their cities and modernity blends perfectly with its historical sites.


One of the premier cities in Canada frequented by travellers is Vancouver because of its strategic location as a coastal seaport. A tour of the city means revels a wide array of activities to choose from. The English Bay, for example, provides some of the best beaches for tourists in the city. The vast area of the Stanley Park is perfect for jogging or sightseeing. It is home to the Vancouver Aquarium, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the area. Gastown, an old settlement for indigenous people, has turned into a shopping mecca with a perfect mix of contemporary style and tourist-related businesses. A landmark that is hard to miss is the Lions Gate Bridge. It’s a suspension bridge that has made appearances in film, print and television. Some of the other incredible works of architecture include the Canada Place, Marine Building, Public Library, and the Provincial Law Court. Unbelievable works of nature in this modern city include Prospect Point and the Granville Island.


A city in the province of British Columbia, Kamloops is perfectly situated in the Thompson Valley. On the way to this great city, travellers enjoy the breathtaking view of the Thompson River. It is a favorite to travellers because it provides an exquisite view of nature at its perfection. En route to this city, one will marvel at the lavish fields of the Fraser River Valley, the towering twin peaks of Coastal Mountains and of course, the almost unbelievable Fraser Canyon. Kamloops is also a centre for the arts with its own symphony orchestra and art gallery. It also home to the West Canada Theatre. Likewise, the British Columbia Wildlife Park and the Riverside Park gives a glimpse of the regional flora and fauna only found in Kamloops.


Onboard the train, the route going to Jasper will surely leave travellers in perpetual awe of the surrounding beauty. Mount Robson, touted as the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies will be hard to miss along with the Pyramid Falls and the Albreda Icefields. A chance sighting of a moose, osprey and even a grizzly will be a welcome surprise. Once in Jasper, the Jasper National Park will become more beautiful when you raft through the currents of the Athabasca River. The famous gorge preceding the Maligne River is equally awe-inspiring.


The elevation offered by Banff in the Albertan Rockies is the second highest in the whole of Canada. Touted as a resort town, the mountainous Banff is home to several hot springs perfect for unwinding and relaxation. The typical sightings of moose, elks, bears and even mountain goats are perfect backdrops for a photograph-filled day. Hiking, skiing and biking are activities that any tourist should not let pass when in this wonderful town. Lake Louise, a glacial lake inside the town’s National Park is perfect façade for biking and horseback riding. In summer, canoeing and kayaking are prevalent activities when the usually ice-water has melted.


Kelowna, according to legend, is a town of mystery. They say that the Lake Okanagan is home to a water monster known as Opogopo. However, in modern times, the lake has become a renowned wakeboarding venue.  Craigellachie, a historic site that was the last spike where the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885 was driven, is just along the way en route to Kelowna. The town itself is known as a fruit basket of Western Canada making vineyards and orchards a common sight. Of course, when we speak of vineyards, one should not fail to taste the products of the local wine industry for an exquisite Canadian wine experience.

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