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As an the original English speaking country you couldn’t be more at home as an Australian single traveller in England or any part of the United Kingdom for that matter.  There’s a lot of familiarities that we now include in our history in Australia.

A country that boasts a colorful history that dates as far back as medieval times, comprised of low hills and mountains, England is the perfect mix of rural serenity with modern introductions.  Add to it their extreme love of football and other sports, the fascinating lives of the monarchy, the rich and vivid culture and literature.


One of the most historic cities. Very near the border of Wales, it boasts of having the most complete medieval city walls in all of Britain. The Rows, only found in Britain, is a unique design for two-story buildings where the first floors are lower than the main road. The predominant architecture of the city is Victorian and the stunningly black-and-white buildings makes the city a must visit and ideal for leisurely walks during the day with the stunning view of the city’s landscape as façade.


If you are a fan of football, then Liverpool is one of the places to visit when in England. Aside from being the home of the Liverpool Football Club, it is home to a vast range of architecture ranging from the Tudors of the 16th century to modern skyscrapers making Liverpool these days a metropolitan hub. Music lovers will also have the times of their lives knowing that they are in the hometown of the legendary Beatles.  The Speke Tudor Manor House in south Liverpool is one of the oldest buildings in Britain. The Liverpool Cathedral, one of the biggest of its kind in the world, is considered to be one of the greatest buildings ever to be built in the 20th century. The activities in Liverpool are limitless!


Lake District

The northwest of England is home to some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. The Lake District or simply phrased the Lakes or Lakelands, is a tranquil holiday getaway in the region. It is a mountainous area littered with several magnificent mountains, lush forests, scenic fells, valleys and peaceful villages.  It is also was inspiration to some of the most prolific English poets including the famed William Wordsworth. 


Alnwick is a medieval market town and perfect venue to buy souvenir items. The Alnwick Castle has served as set for certain scenes notable films such as Harry Potter. The Tenantry Column including the Percy Lion head topping it has a rich and colorful urban legend behind making it a must-visit. 


York is another city of historical importance in all of England. It has served as backdrop for some major historical and even political decisions. It is dominated by the York Minster, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the North of Europe. Literature, culture and the arts is very much alive in this acclaimed city.


This city is predominantly a favorite destination for travellers because it is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, considered to be one of the greatest literature stalwarts of all time. It comes as no wonder why the theatre scene is very much alive in this city with the Royal Shakespeare Company based here. Several streets mentioned in Shakespeare’s work are still alive up to these days including Henley Street and Sheep Street. A visit to Stratford is like seeing the life of the acclaimed literary genius unfolding before you.



Of course, a visit to England will never be complete without stepping foot in London. There are incredible tourism activities and attractions any single traveller can enjoy and not feel alone. It has four heritage sites: the Tower of London – a historic castle in north of River Thames; the Royal Botanical Gardens or the Kew Gardens where the most number of collections of plants in the world is found; the palace of Westminster where the house of commons and house of lords converge, the Westminster Abbey – a notable Gothic religious building and where St. Margaret’s Church is found; and the settlement of Greenwich where literally the time divides.

The obvious ‘must-sees’ and ‘must dos’ include Buckingham Palace where the King or Queen resides and the London Eye, being  the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.  Other acclaimed attractions include Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and the West End Theatre. When in London, there is an outpour of things to do so whether you are up for history, shopping or any other adventure, London has a place for you!

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