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Estonia is one of the lucky regions of the vast USSR that has gained independence. However, despite it being a relatively new country, the progress of the country surpasses that of its neighbouring countries. Estonia has become a favourite for travellers because it is a perfect mixture of old and new. The city is embellished with skyscrapers, while the older towns have maintained its Nordic and European influence. Being in Estonia is like being in two places at once because of its rich culture, history and progress.



The largest and also the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn is the perfect representation of old meets new. It is among the top 10 digital cities in the world, yet its Old Town is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site not only for the rich history that has unraveled there, but also primarily because of the innate beauty that dates back to centuries ago. This capital city is a much loved by travellers because it was once considered as the European capital of culture. It does not come as a surprise why locals and foreigners alike flock to this magnificent city. In the Old Town, one will find Gothic structures like the incomparable 14th century Town Hall, as well as the glorious beauty of the St. Nicholas Church. Likewise, Tallinn Zoo and the Estonian Open Air Museum contribute to the city charm.  A lazy afternoon can turn into an opportunity of a feast for the eyes, because Tallinn is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Whether you are travelling solo or not, there is much to discover in Tallinn and the opportunity to uncover the mystique behind the city is hard to let go.

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