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Guatemala is a feast for the eyes and a mystery to the soul. A fantastic, yet unpredictable land, drenched in rich traditions, natural beauty, and a fascinating history. Hand-woven clothing brilliantly dazzles in primary colours; ancient temples as tall as skyscrapers just imposingly above the verdant jungle canopy; volcanoes erupt with awesome fury and fiery power in the night sky; while brilliant tropical sunshine warms an ever-hopeful natural’s hearts.

Magic abounds and the people still hold fast to ancient traditions and stunning beliefs. Pagan rituals are still performed to appease the deities, and black magic is used for protection from evil and relation against one´s enemies. This is for real.

Guatemala is no make-believe tourist destination. Rituals are not performed for show; locals do not dress in traditional costume to satisfy the tourist. This is simply part of everyday Guatemala life. But with great warmth, the welcome of the Guatemalan people spans oceans and beckons visitors from all walks of life and all parts of the world. Guatemalans are staunchly proud of their customs and traditional, yet are refreshingly accepting of curious visitors from foreign lands.

Guatemala is a puzzling contrast of complexity and simplicity, of misguide logic and ancient wisdom, of outer turmoil and inner peace. As developing nations do, Guatemala struggles between embracing change and adapting to globalisation, without losing its very identity in the process and it is changing. Every year, more and more people adopt contemporary dress and toss aside the traditional; Spanish language dilutes the dwindling Mayan dialects; and organized religion erodes a long tradition of spiritual mysticism.

To visit Guatemala is to witness the evolution of a country right before your very eyes, both natural and cultural. Its complexities will astound you; its simplicities you will adore.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala

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