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Whether you travel single or with a mate, Italy has it for everyone. Italy is a mesmerizing country rich in culture and heritage but equally famous for its importance in the fashion world.  Here’s a list of places on our itinerary with the unique sights that each city has to offer.




Milan is one of the most important cities of Italy. It is steeped in cultural heritage yet famous for its modern fashion trends. It might not be a subject for scenic beauty but for single travellers who like shopping, nightlife, opera and football, it’s a dream destination. It houses several historical creations like La Scala Opera house, Castello Sforzesco, Duomo (Cathedral) and great artworks like Leonardo de Vinci’s Last Supper. Single travellers who like art can spend several hours admiring various masterpieces of great artists including da Vinci, Raphael and Caravaggio.  But don’t think that this is all that Milan has to offer because most of its marketplace is lined up with designer-filled stores. Tourists looking for fashion trends would not pass up the opportunity to drop by Golden Quad and other shops.




Como is a city filled with great history and equally magnificent views. Offering different museums, art enthusiasts can choose to visit the Civic Archeological Museum, the Civic Art Gallery, War Memorial or the Como Cathedral. Adventurous types can’t be left out because Como provides an assortment of activities to do like biking, boat riding, and trekking. Lake Como presents the best experience because it not only boasts of spectacular beauty but also historical features. Historians would even find an astonishing time with the Strada Regia and the Roman Stones. But to have the best view of all, the tourists are presented with the Volta Lighthouse where they could have a panoramic view of the entire lake. Truly, Como has it all so don’t miss out on all these exciting sites.  




Being one of the most famous places to visit in the world, Venice boasts not only of serene beauty but also of amazing architecture that can be seen on every corner of the city. Starting with the marble churches to several museums, it is worth a visit for any art enthusiast. Venice is a pedestrian-only city and holidays for singles are recommended here as you can walk in leisure on the streets and have a pleasant experience. Venice has the famous Grand Canal and you can get around more quickly on Vaporetti (water busses) and water taxis.


La Spezia


La Spezia, located between Genoa and Pisa on the Ligurian sea, is an industrial city and has a port with the largest naval base in the country. It is a beautiful city with a stunning sea and breathtaking mountains surrounding it. It is a place with a lot of events to present to tourists and singles travel here not only for leisure but also for job opportunities. The city has lots of great churches and a variety of museums and castles which provide an insight into local culture and history so visitors would not run out of things to do in La Spezia.




Florence is a city overflowing with history, culture and arts. It has several frescoes, churches, palaces and other monuments which show the colourful past of Italy. Florence is also home to the likes of Gucci and Ferragamo. Italy’s most visited gardens, its best ice-cream parlor, wide range of shopping and majestic cityscapes can all be found in Florence. Singler travellers would definitely not want to miss the city view from the Basilica garden of San Miniato al Monte which gives a nice glimpse of the towers and domes of the Renaissance Florence. Florence is the perfect place to travel for singles with several memorable views and pictures to take.




Assisi is a small town situated in the beautiful hills of the Umbria region in North Italy and is an interesting place to travel for singles. Being the birthplace of the founder of the Franciscan religion, St. Francis de Assisi, this has been a city of churches and religious organizations. Tourists can visit the Basilica of San Francesco, Santa Maria Maggiore, Cathedral of San Rufino and other such religious sites which are not only filled with rich historical facts but also provide breathtaking views of ancient architecture. The town also houses two castles that continuously attract visitors. Besides this, Assisi also has various museums that host several famous artworks which singles can view and enjoy.


Sorrento (Amalfi Coast)


Sorrento is the perfect place for tourists wanting to spend some spare time; offering a bunch of pubs and nightlife to enjoy. Singles travel here to enjoy the benefits of Mother Nature by eating homemade jams, cheese, olive oils and limoncello, which are grown locally and are always fresh. Sorrento has fantastic views and landscapes that show the history of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It has different shops from fruits and vegetables to hand crafted inlaid wood furniture. It would be ideal to spend a couple of nights here before moving to the next location as this is a great place for relaxation and adventure. Sorrento also boasts Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast which has been described as a “Dream Place” by American author John Steinbeck. With its low roofs and white houses, Positano slopes down to the busy colorful fishing ports; truly a delight to the eyes. Positano is a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable retreat for a single traveller.




A holiday for singles in Rome means more history, culture, architecture, music and better food and wine. Rome is a serene site to behold during the day but even more breathtaking at night. The Coloseum, II Vittoriano and Piazza della Republica look surreal in the night lights, making you wonder at their splendor and beauty. There are several other places to visit in Rome such as The Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, the famous Squares and the Fountains, Roman Forum and The Vatican museums. Many single travellers frequent here to immerse themselves in the beauty of the city.


During the trip you would have the option to choose a roommate during your trips; giving you an opportunity of knowing new people while enjoying Italy. The 18 days trip is a perfect break that single travellers are looking for. 







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