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Another integral part of the former USSR is the minute, yet picturesque country of Latvia. One of the main drawcards of this beautiful country, especially for solo travellers is the temperate seasonal climate it has to offer. The countryside is a beautiful mosaic of farmlands, pastures and forests.  There are several national parks and reserves that boast of its biodiversity due to the country’s aggressive efforts of preservation. That alone can make any traveller marvel of what this incredible country has to offer. The vast stretches of undeveloped and virgin beaches are equally impressive.  Not to mention, the traditional folkloric dance of Latvia that originated thousands of years ago and is still very much alive today.   No wonder that Latvia despite being a young country has become a worldwide tourism phenomenon that has sparked interest and curiosity from solo travellers from all over the world.



Riga is the largest city and capital of.  Its medieval old town is a touch of the past within the sprawling modern infrastructures of the city. Travellers with a fondness for architecture will be in awe of the city’s Art Noveau that includes the Riga Castle, the Swedish Gate, the Livu Square and the Freedom Monument. This vast collection of architectural buildings is considered to be the largest in number in a single city. Thespians and even arts enthusiasts will have a grand time in Riga with the variety of choices from opera to drama or comedy.  In fact, Riga will play host to the World Choir Games come July 2014. When travelling to Riga, one can never go wrong because it has almost everything to offer for different tastes and likings.


Turaida Castle

Turaida Castle

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