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Lithuania, a former Soviet territory in the Baltic region has slowly captured the hearts of travellers. Although not as big as its neighbours, it presents an opulent history and culture. Its natural beauty is also something to behold being one of the most progressive countries in Europe that advocates preservation. Once a monarchy, it boasts of medieval architecture from centuries ago. Its castles have become backdrops to some of the most magnificent captured photos making it a favorite for any solo traveller with a fondness for photography. It is also a country of sports lovers; in fact, some of their basketball players have been lending their expertise and talents to the National Basketball Association.


The capital city and second largest city in the Baltic area, Vilnius is a perfect mix of modern and old. It is also one of the most favoured travel getaways owing to its diverse architecture. The city alone houses 65 churches and like most medieval cities, it was built around its Town Hall. So, for travellers  the Town Hall alone is a feast for the eyes and also a place where cameras can just click away with photos of brilliant structures. When in this city, one should also never miss a quick side trip to the Hill of the Crosses, a famed site for pilgrimage in the North of Lithuania. It is home to dozens if not hundreds of crosses – some which were built after 1831 Uprising. The Gediminas’ Tower, the remains of what was once a castle, is likewise hard to miss because it provides an excellent panorama view of the Old Town. The Amber Museum is similarly a worthwhile visit as it exhibits the morphology of amber, a topic that may only be unveiled in this side of the world.

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

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