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Poland is known for its past,  filled with war and bloodshed; and although this may seem like a reason not to visit this country, ironically, it has become the motivation making it a favorite for solo travellers who are interested in history and especially  anything to do with World War II.  Despite being a country almost reduced to ruins, luckily, this geographic heart of Europe has managed to preserve its undeniable cultural affluence. The country boasts 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 54 historical monuments not to mention, it is one of the most densely forested countries in Europe, making it a home to some species that once existed in other countries, but now can only be found in Poland. Therefore, it is a mecca for solo travellers on a mission to be awed by Europe’s biodiversity. When in Poland, there is almost no limit to the activities that can be done. from ogling the vast expanse of centuries-old cities to hiking and mountain climbing.


Considered to be a phoenix city, having survived different wars in the past, Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is also its tourism hub. Solo travellers from all over the globe converge in this city to marvel at the scrupulous efforts to rebuild a city that was close to oblivion during the Second World War.  A walk along the Royal Route features a number of historical landmarks including palaces such as the Presidential Palace, castles, churches, parks and squares. The Historical Museum strategically placed in the Old Town Market Place, houses over 25,000 artworks to marvel at. Likewise, the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial offers a chance for reminisce the past – the Ghetto Uprising – considered as the first armed clash of the locals against the foreign Nazis. Of course, a visit to Warsaw would never be complete without a glimpse of the famous bronze Chopin monument built in homage to the acclaimed Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. 


Krakow, the second largest city in Poland, is also a delight for solo travellers. A city that was once a Stone Age settlement; it has evolved into a city of medieval influences being home to castles of Gothic, Renaissance and even Baroque structures of centuries ago. Wavel Castle, for example, is a gothic castle that is the only one of its kind considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wavel Castle is only one of the 13 other World Heritage Sites in Krakow, making it Poland’s historical centre. This city is also home to 5 natural reserves making it a favorite of nature lovers.  Parks and gardens are almost innumerable in this city, making it a perfect venue for leisurely walks. Living up to its historical and cultural centre title, Krakow has over 28 national and municipal museums. Although more laidback and quaint, Krakow is at par with Warsaw when it comes to magnificence.  

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