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While Russia may seem synonymous with cold, owing to its geographical location, the opposite can be said for its tourism. A place of rich culture and history, Russia is a favourite for solo travellers who have a fondness for what may have been, but also for the innate beauty and architecture that greet its visitors in group or solo travels.

The biodiversity of Russia reflects the vastness of its forest reserves, making it sometimes aptly called the ‘lungs’ of Europe. It has artic tundras, taigas and even deserts. Because of these, the diverse sprawling wildlife is undeniable and it has been home to endemic species of both birds and mammals. Similarly, the rich history that precedes this European city has shaped a perfect mixture of modernity and conservatism. Slowly, Russia has opened its welcoming arms to solo travellers.




This is the largest city in Russia and appropriately the capital city as well. A day in Moscow is a trip down memory lane with its busy thoroughfares that speak volumes of history. The Red Square is practically the heart of Moscow. Every major street originates from the square. Consequently, most of Moscow’s historical and cultural sites are found in the Red Square, including Lenin’s Mausoleum that contains the embalmed body of one of the most important persons in Russian history, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder and father of the Soviet Union. Just south of the Red Square is the elaborately designed and vividly coloured symbol of Russian Orthodox Christianity – the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Centuries old, this beauty looks like a flaming dome in the sky and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Moscow. On the other hand, the Moscow Kremlin or simply the Kremlin, is the official residence of the Russian President. It is a protected complex made up of museums, palaces, cathedrals and towers. Also, a quick or leisurely walk by single travellers in the Old Arbat Street will give a glimpse of the luxurious life in Russia as well as the opulent history reflected in the exquisite artwork found in the grand metro.  Of course, when in Russia, any solo traveller or group must buy a matryoshka doll – a colourful nested doll that decreases in size – as a souvenir.


St Petersburg


Just north of Moscow and easily accessible by high-speed train, is the flourishing city of St. Petersburg.  Known for its many canals and waterways, it is considered as the western-most city in Russia, as well as the centre of culture and arts, making it a dreamland for single travellers with a penchant for  art and sculpture. This city is home to what is considered to bethe largest museum in the world, the Hermitage. Likewise, the city houses the Peter and Paul Fortress where the Russian Tsars were laid to their final rest. The city is also known for the Peterhof Museum – a majestic place of palaces and gardens where every corner is an opportunity to take wonderful photos. The palaces reflects some of the greatest architecture in the modern and ancient world making strolling around a fascinating occassion for singles on tour.



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