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Travellers frequent this remote state of the US mostly because of its innate and immaculate beauty. Icy mountain caps, glaciers, lakes, shorelines and even active volcanoes. Alaska has it all and even more. Also single travellers will appreciate the cultural influence that the local indigenous people of Alaska have maintained over the course of history. It’s no wonder that this least densely populated US state has become a favorite travel destination for people from around the globe. 


Dubbed as the Salmon Capital of the World, the city of Ketchikan thrives on its fishing industry and the tourism it attracts. You will  marvel at its vast collection of totem poles, considered to be the most in number around the world. Similarly, the Indian villages where locals frequent,  present a view of the past, that not many people are lucky enough to be able to  see live. A quick side trip to the Misty Fiords National Monument is heaven for kayakers and cruisers with its numerous ocean inlets and picturesque facades. 

Icy Strait Point

Just a little outside Hoonah, is a privately owned tourism destination frequented by single travellers on cruise ships. Icy Strait Point is preservation as its finest. Despite being privately owned, much of the history is preserved by the owners’ efforts. The village has become a haven for the Tlingit people, as they present their culture through arts, cuisine, dance and music. As well as this, the sea is frequented by humpback whales, orcas, dall porpoises, seals, sea otters, halibut and all five species of Pacific salmon.


Founded during the gold rush of 1880, Juneau has slowly become popular with tourists because of the incredible natural scenery it offers. The capital city of Alaska is home to the Alaska State Capitol.   Solo travellers will love this former gold mining town with its numerous fjords that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this lovely city.  The most popular of the fjords is the majestic Mendenhall Glacier. And the exquisite view of Mt Juneau is hard to miss as the city is nestled right at its foot. 


Skagway was born when it paved the way for the 1898 Gold Rush and it has a unique history. Its rich history makes it a favorite for travellers.  If you have time when in Skagway, don’t miss the chance to ride the Scenic Railway of the World, where tourists will discover views beyond their wildest imaginations. This ride offers 20 miles of superb   mountains, gorges, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles and historic sites. The end of the tour is the White Pass Summit.  Part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is also to be found in Skagway. 


Anchorage is one of the most modern cities in Alaska and solo travellers can enjoy fine dining restaurants, elegant hotels and huge shopping centres. It is also famous for the thriving culture found in museums, theatres and local music festivals usually held in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Conversely, the local flora and fauna surrounding the city is an exciting balance to such a modern city. You can expect to see black bears, grizzlies and moose in the suburban areas. Sled dog races are also very common in this city. Before visiting Anchorage, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center – a symbol of quality animal care and preservation. 





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