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A Perfect Tour of Vietnam for Any Single Traveller


After surviving the onslaught of Chinese and French invasions, Vietnam now stands under a unified government and is now striving to flourish economically. Though ravaged by military and civil wars, it still holds a radiant beauty that is both seen among the Vietnamese people and the country’s landscape. Many single travellers are constantly attracted to the various tourist spots which not only reveal the country’s beauty but also its rich history.


Ho Chi Minh City


Formerly called Saigon, this city has evolved in so many ways. Since the early Vietnamese history, this former fish port was named Prey Nokor by the Khmers but occupation by the French led it to be called Saigon. After the fall of southern Vietnam, this city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in honor of its deceased leader. Since then, it has been a central market place for Vietnam and is the biggest city in the country. Single travellers would find this city more happening than any placein the country.


Mekong Delta


Mekong Delta is one of the longest rivers that you can find in Vietnam. Stretching from China, through Laos, this long river ends at the tip of South Vietnam. Though some single travellers visit this river for the numerous canals, the main attraction on this river is the floating market. Many merchants sell their stuff here in exchange for other items. Most of the items bartered here are agricultural products which the farmers grow themselves. Despite perennially facing financial difficulty, you would find that everyone is very friendly and accommodating to tourists; smiles can be found everywhere and picture perfect views are abundant.


Hoi Ann


This city is one of the most serene cities to visit. With prohibitions on the use of cars, tourists strolling on the street can feel quite relaxed. Singles often look here for hand-crafted souvenirs and tailored-silk dresses. Lanterns are also sold here at various sizes and colors. But the main attraction that can be found here would be the famous Chua Cao or Pagoda Bridge. This bridge, with its two guardian statues found at each end, has a very Japanese appearance. Moreover, being near art stores makes it a worthwhile place to visit for art enthusiasts. Many singles travel here frequently to indulge in the beauty of this peaceful city.




Holidays for singles are recommended here because of the plethora of attractions one can find. Most singles travel here to visit a place or two and move on to their next destination, either southward or northward. But staying some time in Hanoi will reveal much to a traveller. One of these would be Van Mieu or the Temple of Literature. Another would be the two pagodas, the Tran Quoc and Quan Thanh Pagoda, a perfect travel for singles with memorable views and pictures to take. And single travellers would definitely not want to miss the Presidential Palace and the famous Uncle Ho’s Museum which houses most of Vietnam’s colorful history.




Sapa is the perfect place for hikers and trekkers. The mountainous region offers the most breathtaking view of the country and minorities here are often as simple as they can be. Though not much attraction can be seen here, the mere beauty of the region would suffice the heart of any single traveller looking for a breath of fresh air far from the city. The warm hospitality of the natives makes it an ideal place for holidays for singles, especially during weekend markets where most natives bring out their wares and barter their items.


Halong Bay


The Halong Bay is a perfect tourist attraction to travel for singles. Filled with numerous rock formations, this site offers singles an assortment of views; perfect for memorable pictures of the Vietnamese country. Though most of the islands here are inhabitable, people here find refuge in floating villages and often invite tourists to restaurants on boats. But what really draws the tourists here are the grottos in the islands which are open to the public like those found in the island of Bo Hon and the largest one in the island of Dau Go.


For single travellers between 44 to 69 years, this Vietnam tour is perfect for single trips. The group may consist of up to 22 members. The English-speaking Vietnamese tour guide will provide insights into local culture and the daily breakfast, 7 lunches and 5 dinners would greatly suffice any single travellers appetite.







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