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Travel Accredited

Travel Accredited

Encounter Travel is an accreditated travel company.

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Since 2006 we've provided holidays for solo travellers. 


Holidays for Solo Travellers

We are dedicated to creating group holidays for solo travellers, in Australia and overseas. We offer a variety of trip styles; from short escapes, coach tours, cruises and active style holidays.

Our holidays for solo travellers are geared for the single or solo traveller and age-matched so it's more likely you will join a group of like-minded travellers.

Generally our trips appeal to persons who are single (without partners) but we also welcome the traveller, who although they have a partner, prefers to travel solo (maybe their partner has different travel preferences or their partner prefers not to travel at all).

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Our trips are about the spirit of 'going solo'. When you book one of our holidays you have the comfort of knowing that fellow travellers have also booked solo. However, if you are single and have a friend who'd like to come along too, feel free to book with a friend also.

Many of our holidays are exclusively for the solo traveller or single travellers. This is when the entire holiday is reserved for the arendezvous community.

Also, in some instances, we take an allotment of places for our travellers within a larger group, who may or may not be single/solo travellers. We will advise this on the holiday website (usually on the prices or itinerary page). In these cases, there will be travellers from other channels booked on the departure and they may be single, partnered or otherwise travelling as friends. For these holidays where our community makes up a portion of the group there is still the comfort of knowing there will be other single travellers in the group. Whomever the travellers, everyone in the group will have the holiday spirit.

We do not propose that our trips are intended for meeting a new partner. Even though we know of couples that have met on our trips, this would be an occasional outcome. Our trips are about the spirit of 'going solo' while enjoying a destination with a group of other solo travellers.

Hoildays are offered to destinations around Australia and across the globe and are age-matched.

For each of our holidays we define an age range. By offering an age range for each holiday we believe it's more likely to bring together a group of like-minded travellers. On a request basis, we will consider persons outside the age range of the holiday. As a guide, this is generally when the traveller is within two years outside the advertised age range.

Look for an ATAS accredited travel agent when booking travel. 

ATAS or the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme is administered by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, the peak industry body for Australian travel agents. AFTA measures travel agents against strict criteria. Those that meet high levels of professional standards are entrusted with national "ATAS" accreditation. 

In short, AFTA sweats the details so you don't have to. By booking with an ATAS accredited agent you can be sure that the business is trusted, reliable and experienced at providing quality travel solutions to suit you. If this isn't enough peace of mind, then here are a number of other benefits of booking with an ATAS accredited travel agent: 

  • Your very own travel specialist to tailor an itinerary to suit your needs
  • A personal advocate if you experience a problem while travelling Professional advice from a trained specialist
  • Time saving and convenience
  • Extra value and cost savings
    Additional information available from or call 1300 00 TRAVEL - AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF TRAVEL AGENTS

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Take advantage of great savings when you choose to share a room. Our roommate matching option means you can take advantage of the twin share room rate.

Age-matched holidays

All our trips are age-matched so it's more likely you will travel with other like-minded single travellers. Popular age groups include 40 to 59 years and 45 years & over.


Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'My holiday to the Red Centre was a very humbling experience.  This holiday exceeded all my expectations.  Being my first holiday as a solo traveller I was apprehensive, now I have had the experience I recommend it.'</p>
Sue, 51
Kyogle, NSW
Discover Greece & The Islands

May 2017

<p>'My holiday to Greece exceeded my expectations. I learnt so much about the amazing ancient history of Greece, and it was as beautiful as I had imagined.There were a great mix of couples and singles on the tour and we all got on so well.'</p>
Kerrie, 52
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'This was my first travelling solo experience, Justine &amp; the team at Encounter made it so easy. I don't have doubts about recommending this to anyone.'</p>
Gwen, 56
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'My second Encounter tour, and the common thread is that you're with a group of people, of a similar age, who are all looking to enjoy their holiday. Makes for a good dynamic.'</p>
Mark, 55
Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'This trip was such a great adventure. The tour guide was absolutely brilliant and informative. The whole group got along famously even though there was a large age range! It was certainly one of the best experiences I've ever had!'</p>
Lisa, 45
Coolum Beach, QLD
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'Great holiday with a lovely group of people in a fantastic resort!!'</p>
Gail, 44
Red Centre Discovery

June 2017

<p>'Fantastic, well organised tour with a great group of people. Highly recommend Encounter Travel.'</p>
Deb, 55
Wamberal, NSW
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'I was a bit nervous about doing this, having never travelled solo, but I'm so pleased I went! The Bali escape was outstanding, so well organised, wonderful location and a really lovely group of people. I'm definitely going to be booking an Encounter holiday again. '</p>
Susan, 48
Auckland, New Zealand
Moscow to Prague

May 2017

<p>'Not only was my holiday great value for money, it was well organised and thoroughly enjoyable.  A lovely group of fellow travellers made it an experience I will treasure forever.'</p>
Michelle, 53
Bali Resort Escape

June 2017

<p>'Thoroughly enjoyable experience! Exactly what I needed!!'</p>
Andrea, 43

First Timers

First time to join a solo travel group? For a lot of our travellers it's their first time. You'll find our groups friendly and sociable.

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Sydney MeetUp Group. Join Us.

We have a Meet Up group for Sydney Solo Travellers. Held in the evenings, usually drinks and dinner, Sydney city location.

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Encounter Travel
ATAS Accreditation No: A10439

Encounter Travel provides holidays for solo travellers. Since 2006 we've been creating tour, cruise and resort packages for solo travellers that like to share their travel experiences. Visiting destinations across Australia and around the globe our holidays include short tropical escapes, leisurely touring, cruises and active walking trips.   

ABN: 23 119 642 992