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Where Is Encounter Travel Located?

Encounter Travel is an Australian-owned and operated online business based in Sydney, Australia. 

We’re an online travel company, offering the same level of service that you would find in any traditional travel agency. Our travellers like to communicate with us by phone, email, post and in-person at regular events.

If you would like to ask any questions about our holidays, we’re available on 1300 653 692 Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm (Sydney time). The benefit of our 1300 653 692 number is that you only pay your carrier’s connection fee (and we pay any timed costs of your call). If you send us an email at we’ll get back to you usually the same day or, at busier times, by the next working day.

We regularly run solo traveller events in Sydney, and from time to time in Melbourne, Brisbane and now the Gold Coast. They’re a great opportunity to learn more about the types of holidays we offer and to meet other solo travellers.

To find out about our next meet up sign up to the mailing list  and follow us on Facebook.

How Can I Avoid Paying The Extra For My Own Room?

Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. It’s your holiday to choose as you like, to share or take a room to yourself. 

We know that having to pay more for a room, just because you don’t have a travel partner, is a downer when you’re happy to share. If you don’t mind sharing, we’ll do our best to match you with a same-gender buddy, and you’ll both save. 

We want to make sure that when you travel, you get a great night’s sleep — so when you book, we ask for honesty about your sleep habits: snoring, CPAP machines for sleep apnoea, insomnia, or other things that might disturb a roommate. If everyone’s honest, we can make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep! 

We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to match you with roommate, although in most cases we can. We do know it can make a difference for some travellers, and that without a roommate available they may not be able to travel at all. We don’t want you to miss out! If we can’t find you a ‘roomie’ by the time the group is finalised, we’ll get in touch to talk about your options including a reduced rate for your own room. If this isn’t suitable, you can choose to opt out of the holiday and we’ll provide a refund of your holiday deposit (so long as it’s within the terms of the holiday at the time of your booking). 

How Can I Keep Up To Date With The Latest Encounter Travel News?

We’d love to have you join the Encounter Travel community. 

Join our mailing list today  and follow us on Facebook so you’ll always get the latest news and information about upcoming tours.

The Encounter Travel Tribe Facebook  group, exclusively for our past and current travellers, is a great place to start conversations, post photos and stay in touch before and after you’ve all travelled together. 

How do I know this holiday will be for me?

If you’re keen to visit the tour destination and you fit the age group of the holiday then the trip is for you! 

Most trips have a welcome drink or dinner with the group on the first night, so you’ll get to know your travel companions in a relaxed and easy environment.

The majority of our bookings are from 'solo travellers', who are people booking and coming on their own. 

What are the group sizes?

Group sizes differ, depending on the trip style.

Active trips, for singles who like walking and adventuring in the great outdoors, tend to be more intimate and usually have 6 to 14 solo travellers.

For touring in and around Australia, our solo travellers tell us that small groups (between 10 to 20 people) make for the best group travel experience.

For our resort-style trips we usually have around 25 to 35 people, but the group size could be anywhere from 14 to 40 people.

Overseas group touring sizes vary and depend on the preferred style of tour. Most of our trips are small tours with groups of between 16 and 24 people. There’s an exception; we offer one coach tour to New Zealand which caters for up to 48 people.

Our years of travel experience have helped Encounter Travel hit the sweet spot of singles holidays – the best number of people, mixes of age, gender and style of trip. 

Rest assured, we’ll help you find the right solo trip for you. We match tours and trips based on personal preferences and age. In every group size, our solo travellers usually find like-minded people and have a lot of fun. 




Take advantage of great savings when you choose to share a room. Our roommate matching option means you can take advantage of the twin share room rate.

Age-matched holidays

All our trips are age-matched so it's more likely you will travel with other like-minded single travellers. Popular age groups include 40 to 59 years and 45 years & over.

First Timers

First time to join a solo travel group? For a lot of our travellers it's their first time. You'll find our groups friendly and sociable.

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Sydney MeetUp Group. Join Us.

We have a Meet Up group for Sydney Solo Travellers. Held in the evenings, usually drinks and dinner, Sydney city location.

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